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Merlin Communications is Hungary’s first lifestyle communication agency. What that exactly means? Merlin’s approach to brand-, product-, or corporate communications is to analyze and react to the target group’s lifestyle patterns, offering a relevant customer experience that ensures the distinctiveness of the brand, and strengthens loyalty…


The philosophy of our agency is to create a customer experience that is able to orientate customers in the jungle of brands.

Customers – thanks to the possibilities of the digital world – nowadays are entering business processes much earlier, than ever before, and tend to stay longer in them. They gather information on products and services in numerous ways, via numerous channels, and when they reach the point of decision, they already possess seventy percent of all available information.

In this process EXPERIENCES concerning a given product, service or brand are playing a pivotal role. These experiences are helping the decision-making process. Brands providing constant customer experiences are more successful in creating brand loyalty.

However, the brand-experience is completely different for a journalist, for a member of a prime target group, or for the owner of the brand, and again, it is also different for example on a B2B market.
In order to create real and relevant experience concerning a brand, product or company, we need to know deeply and thoroughly the lifestyle and consuming habits of all stakeholders. Hence became the concept of LIFESTYLE the basics for us in how we approach the different target groups.

In the last 15 years we have never offered just one communication tool, tactic or channel for our clients. We have always followed our rule: come up with a solution that is in line with the LIFESTYLE of the selected target groups, so it can serve as the most effective platform to deliver the brand’s messages. This LIFESTYLE-based communication approach became more and more effective during the years, as we learned progressively. Our colleagues are all studying the socio-economical patterns of different social segments, but we have also gathered a substantial amount of knowledge through our work with our clients. We know and we feel how to approach a selected social segment, let the criteria be age, gender, profession, or social status.

And since we are driven by our philosophy, that cannot be limited to a specific toolset of communications, we are brave enough to come up with integrated solutions, too.
The consistency of our thinking is proved by our long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and by our prestigious professional awards.

We prove ourselves since 15 years – put us to the test!





agency name:
Merlin Communications
Magyarország Kft.
H-1025 Budapest, Törökvész
street 33-37
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+36 1 336 2700

managing director:
Tamás Wendler
member of professional

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Fővárosi Bíróság 01-09-684890

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HU 2312 0010 0800 3768 4800 1000 01